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“Flowyak was our first guest. He slept in our living room and cooked the breakfast for all of us”.

Brian Chesky
CEO & Founder

For ambitious founders who see the value of clean, modern and performing design.

  • Great design isn’t a cost or a nice to have — it’s your first impression, the foundation of your brand, an effective leverage for differentiation and growth.
  • For these reasons, it shouldn't be reserved to the elite. Flowyak aims to make great design accessible and affordable to everyone.
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Jeff Bezos, CEO & Founder

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No One Ever, CEO & Founder

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I used to think battery packs would have always been expensive, because they always were in the past. Thanks to Flowyak, now I understand how dumb this way of thinking was.

No One Ever, CEO & Founder

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“Flowyak taught me that DVDs are cool, but online streaming is better”.

Reed Hastings,
CEO & Founder